Assistant Vice President at EXL

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Working on problems involving how to make computers see, read and think using Deep learning, computer vision, NLP and machine learning.


  • Nipun Pande, Mayank Jain, Dhawal Kapil and Prithwijit Guha,The Video Face Book, The 18th International Conference on Multi Media Modelling (MMM 2012), Klagenfurt (Austria), January 4-6, 2012 link
  • Prithwijit Guha, Mayank Jain, Nipun Pande and Tavleen Oberoi, Multiple Face Tracking with Appearance Modes and Reasoning, The 15th International Conference on Image Processing, Com- puter Vision and Pattern Recognition (IPCV 2011), pp. 375-380, Las Vegas, July 18-21, 2011 link
  • Using blockchain technology for loyalty schemes


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