Understanding Auto gradients

Can you list down important algebra operations commonly needed for various machine learning algorithms specially neural networks ? Most common ones are simple matrix/tensor addition, subtraction, multiplication, division , Apart from that you also need exponential , tanh etc.


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Git diff for migrating changes between two git repositories

Let’s assume you are maintaining two different git repositories for your project. One repo is your internal repo where you do all kinds of commits, this repo could be your daily driver repo where you don’t care about commit messages. The other repo of your project is a public repo where you don’t want to expose all the minor commit messages and where you want each commits to be sensible and publicly audit-able. Problem when maintaining this workflow is how to port changes from one repo to another. As you may know git is a distributed version control system and on a fundamental level, all of your changes are in the form of diffs, so there is a solution.

So this is a workflow for porting your changes from your internal repo to public repo.

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Dopamine Addiction

Take a look at these pictures, Do you see any particular common pattern ?

Image description

Completing all of these activities gives your brain a reward, As soon as you complete them. Reason for these is brain chemical called Dopamine.

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